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Taylor Biagi

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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What We Offer

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Private Lessons
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Group Private Lessons
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Tournament Tested Curriculum

The Benefits

Real Self-Defense Skills

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is THE MOST EFFECTIVE self-defense martial art and it is a foundational discipline of pro MMA, Anyone serious about equipping themselves to handle physical conflict effectively cannot ignore BJJ.


The mat will have people from all walks of life and allows you to form the bonds of a team and family. Everyone needs to belong and you will feel at home in this healthy and inclusive environment.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a stimulating physical pursuit which will make you stronger/faster/mobile


The self-esteem boost that comes from dealing with physical conflict in a safe environment carries merit that is difficult to put into words. Proficiency in Jiu Jitsu empowers children, women, and men to be assertive in a confident and healthy manner.

I wish I had started sooner

- every BJJ practitioner ever

What our happy students say:

Jessica G Review Pic

Jessica G.

Managing Director

Coach Taylor is amazing!!!! She is extremely dedicated to her craft. Her positive energy and encouragement makes class enjoyable regardless of how challenging it can be. She makes sure to push her students to the best of their abilities while guiding and challenging them at the same time. I am extremely happy to be part of her teaching and growing beside her instruction. 100% recommend taking her class!

Jimmy Do Review Pic

Jimmy D.


Taylor Biagi is a high level competitor and coach in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She is one of very few female black belts in the city of Chicago and an expert at instructing all levels, from complete beginner to advanced athletes. If you're looking to learn a new skill, self defense, or want to scratch that competitive itch, Taylor is the best of the best 🙌

Man in a blue Kimono

Ramses B.

Jiu Jitsu Coach and Competitor

Coach Rohan and Coach Taylor are both accomplished competitors and ultra competent teachers. The quality of instruction from them is second-to-none. Their approach to teaching and training is thoughtful, deliberate, and well structured. Whether you are a completely new to Jiu Jitsu or have experience, you will improve with them as your teachers.

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Nathalie Cartan

Managing Director

Taylor is a true innovator turning her apartment into a Jiu Jitsu studio. Not only was she gracious enough to teach a high quality class, but the class size was small enough for everyone to get individual instruction time. It's in times like these that innovators like Taylor create the most dynamic, high quality training any practitioner would thrive in. I highly recommend Taylor's training and would come back anytime.

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